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Never lose a prospect again!

DigitalCafe.Ai will qualify, enrich and follow up with a hyper-personalized proposal or message in your voice, a video of you and a report written in your, or your brand’s, voice in less than 5 minutes that helps you close deals 2x-5x faster than any other system.

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DigitalCafe.Ai – It’s Not Lead Gen. It’s Leads Closed.

Welcome to the world of 3-second attention spans and fewer than 20 seconds to get a prospect’s attention, engage them, get them to know, like, and trust you, and say, “I want and need what you have! Let's make a deal!”

You spend a fortune generating traffic and leads; chances are, your systems don’t quickly, consistently, and competently follow up 24/7/365. Money loves speed, and time kills deals.

Introducing DigitalCafe.Ai, a relationship-building Ai that will take your hard-earned leads and make them feel like you’re sitting down with them for a cup of coffee, listening to their needs, and responding to them with a personalized, useful, resourceful solution.

DigitalCafe.Ai – It’s the perfect Ai team:

  • An A+ marketer who gets attention and captures leads.
  • A friendly salesperson who asks the most engaging questions.
  • A data nerd who researches, enriches, qualifies your prospects, and predicts their behaviors.
  • An engaging copywriter who follows up in your voice with stories that connect so your prospect feels seen, heard and understood.
  • And a delivery genius who makes sure every message gets read, heard, and watched minutes after first contact.

DigitalCafe.Ai – It’s so easy

Here’s what your lead or prospect experiences:


Engage with a web chat, QR code or WhatsApp

– It’s easy. Try it out!

Step 2
The System asks engaging, qualifying questions.
Step 3

In minutes, your prospect receives a hyper-personalized Ai-generated voice message, video, PDF report, email and printed card as a follow-up.

DigitalCafe.Ai Report

Here’s what you experience as a business owner and founder:

The moment a lead engages, you get notified via the web and WhatsApp, telling you whether the prospect is qualified or not.
Step 2
You are notified and can login to see every detail about that lead.
NO other system qualifies, enriches and writes content, proposals, and follow-up messages in the voice of the brand and delivers them in every possible medium and channel like DigitalCafe.Ai does!

Deep customer engagement and prospect filtering.

Don’t waste time on duds!

Your prospects get a hyper-personalized follow-up message, story, proposal, brochure, videos, audios, voicemail, email, and custom website that gives them a sense of hope, possibility, and vision to invest in your product or service. It creates beautiful magazine-quality PDF reports. It even sends real handwritten cards and letters right to their home!

DigitalCafe.Ai does hours or days of work that normally requires an EXPENSIVE team of specialists…in minutes. You get instant notifications of qualified prospects, so you or your team can take over the conversation or let Ai do the work for you. You see everything your prospect does in real-time. It’s the fastest, easiest automated way to get attention, engagement, and trust and close bigger deals faster.

Unprecedented UX for increased conversion

Your prospect is blown away by the experience. Every deal closes faster with less work. No HR issues. No complaints. No excuses. No vacations. Always on, 24/7/365.

It’s not about taking the human interaction out. It’s about filling the void where the human component falls on its face.

NOW you're probably asking: “Is it easy? Does it work? Will it work for me and my business?”

DigitalCafe.Ai is a done-for-you service that can be adapted to any B2B or B2C business, understand any language, anywhere in the world. It integrates with every CRM system and even connects to WhatsApp, which means 100% deliverability with no CAN-SPAM, SMS, text, or GDPR limitations!

Money loves speed, and time kills deals.

DigitalCafeAi - Emblem

Click here to try out the DigitalCafe.Ai for FREE!

It's Digital Café…


DigitalCafe.Ai is the latest innovation from Mike Koenigs, who started his journey with the original Digital Cafe back in 1989, a game-changer, making waves by crafting some of the web's first sites and cool projects like CD-ROMs, games, and digital trailers for giants like General Mills and Sony. One of their biggest hits was “Chex Quest,” a game included in millions of cereal boxes, skyrocketing sales.

After selling his first big venture to a major ad firm in 1999, Mike kept building upon his success, with four more successful exits and 18 bestselling books. 

But as the digital world grew, and Ai started changing the game, Mike waited for the perfect tool to emerge—a tool that could leverage Ai's power for marketing like nothing before. But it never showed up. So, driven by a mix of frustration and vision, Mike decided to build what he'd been waiting for—DigitalCafe.Ai.

With DigitalCafe.Ai, Mike brings everything full circle. A platform built on his 30 years of pushing boundaries in digital marketing, now with Ai as the star. A tool that changes the game for marketers everywhere. Mike's always been a pioneer, and with DigitalCafe.Ai, he's set to lead the way again.

Mike Koenigs
Mike Koenigs with Tony Robbins
"Mike is an extraordinary man"

“He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer”

Tony Robbins
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author,
Life and Business Strategist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

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